Ananya Pathak
Social Media

Brands rides on the trending Dalgona hashtag

The Dalgona coffee hashtag has been trending on social media. We, at afaqs!, kept an eye on brands slapping their names with it.

Dalgona coffee seems to be the new cool (thing) for netizens. The 'fancy' milk-based beverage, which is topped with a big dollop of soft, foamy whipped coffee, has been trending on social media. Indians on social media tag it as their simple ‘phenti hui coffee’.

While most of the posts highlight coffee enthusiasts making their own Dalgona at home amidst the lockdown, we, at afaqs!, kept an eye on the brands which are keen to slap their names with the trending hashtag.

And the delivery service app Dunzo did it! The Bengaluru-based brand shared a creative on its Instagram page. The copy read – Kab tak chup baithe, ab to kuch bowl-na, kuch tum pheto, kuch hum phete, O Dalgona...

The food delivery Swiggy joined the league as well. Here's the creative shared by the brand:

Berger Paints on Twitter shared it's creative, the copy of which read: "Dalgona or not, you're gonna love our shade of coffee."