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Dunzo, Tinder, Oyo 'pawri' to Yashraj Mukhate's latest remix

The brands found ways to refrence their own work via the viral new trend.

South Asian accents are a strange thing. The simplest words can be mispronounced to sound entirely different from the original word. The latest example can be heard in Yashraj Mukhate’s new remix. In the video, we see a Pakistan-based influencer, 19 year old Dananeer Mobeen announcing in a video clip that ‘yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai’ (this how we party).

Aurangabad based musician Yashraj Mukhate created a musical remix of the clip which has since then gone viral. At the time of filing this article, the video had approximately 12 million views on YouTube and is being widely shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Brands decided to jump on to the new trend and join in on the conversation too. The first was delivery service Dunzo, whose creative team claimed they were 'too tired from Valentine's Day' to do anything.

Swiggy jumped in on the trend too.

Manforce condoms used the trend to make a reference to a different kind of 'pawri' altogether.

Tinder used the trend to reference their own Valentine's day campaign - in which they were photoshopping exes out of users photos.

Hospitality brand Oyo also joined in the trend, referencing their new campaign Ye Rishta Hai Khiska, starring actors Neena Gupta and Swadanand Kirkire.

Mobeen took the video's virality in her stride and used the opportunity to upload another video of herself dancing to Mukhate's remix on her own YouTube channel. Her video has garnered over a hundred thousand views so far.