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Durex's pride in the range of love is evident...

... In a social media post, the condom brand illustrates the long-range of love.

Durex is not just India's leading condom brand, but it's also one of the most progressive ones. From daily happenings to pop culture events, the brand doesn't shy away from talking about love, sex, sexuality and, of course, protection.

Pride month happens as a mark of remembrance for the Stonewall riots that took place in the US on June 28, 1969. Today, the entire month (June) is celebrated all over the world with marches and parades.

However, queer doesn't only mean gay, or lesbian. There are other sexualities, too, and it's exactly what Durex India shows in its social media creative. Here's an excellent starting point.

When the Supreme Court repealed section 377 that criminalised homosexuality, Durex's social media post gained quite a lot of traction. After all, when a brand's profile status reads, 'Love sex. Durex', what else can you expect?