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Elon Musk relaunches Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue also has a new logo that seems to be different from any of Twitter's earlier branding.

Elon Musk has re-launched the subscription service for Twitter Blue after its first attempt saw many fake accounts pop up which forced the micro-blogging site discontinue the scheme.

Subscribers of Twitter Blue service can pay a monthly fee for a blue verified mark, along with the ability to edit tweets and upload high-quality video. The subscription service costs $8 per month for users accessing Twitter on the web and $11 if signing up on an Apple device.

This time, the company stepped up its verification procedure with a review required by Twitter before receiving the blue mark.

A blue checkmark on an account, which indicates it has been verified by Twitter, was previously free but reserved for organisations and public figures in an attempt to avoid impersonation and misinformation.

Twitter has also unveiled a new logo for Twitter Blue that is centered around its signature blue color and Twitter bird. This logo opts for a mixture of blue, purple, pink and an orange-gold tone logo. The new logo seems to be a stark departure from any of its past branding.

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