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Fevicol puns on Coca-Cola Ronaldo incident in social post

"na bottle hategi, na valuation ghategi" - reads the copy of the post.

International footballer Cristiano Ronaldo caused a stir when he moved Coca-Cola bottles out of the way before a Euro 2020 press conference began. The act grabbed headlines and Pidilite's Fevicol found a way to reference the incident in a creative on their social platforms; the post was made by full-service agency Schbang that handles the brand's social media duties.

"Na bottle hategi, na valuation ghategi" reads the copy of the creative, which roughly translates to 'The bottles cant be moved, neither will the valuation'. Coca-Cola's market share dropped by nearly 4 billion dollars thanks to Ronaldo's actions.

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Fevicol is no stranger to taking creative liberty with the product's 'Mazboot Jod'. Fevicol's agency on record, Ogilvy, has created some iconic ads in the past which pun on the product's ability to stick, and not move. These ads notably had an Earthy, distinctly Indian feel to them and were ideated and brought to life under Piyush Pandey's watch.

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