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Instagram turns 10; introduces a host of new features

This includes shopping from reels, IGTV videos and an integration with Facebook's messenger app.

On the occasion of Instagram turning 10 – the company introduced a range of new features that Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, detailed in a blog post.

He adds that some of the major changes include tabs for Reels and shopping, and integrating Facebook’s messenger to Instagram. people using the Messenger app can now reach users on Instagram without you needing to download a new app, and vice versa.

Instagram turns 10; introduces a host of new features

"Digital creators and brands help bring emerging culture to Instagram, and people come to Instagram to get inspired by them. By bringing shopping to IGTV and Reels, we’re making it easy to shop directly from videos. And in turn, helping sellers share their story, reach customers, and make a living,” said Instagram COO Justin Osofsky, in a statement to TechCrunch.

With the new update, Instagram users can view ad purchase products from IGTV, Instagram Live and Stories. The company mentions that users have the option, either to complete the purchase via the in-app checkout or they can visit the seller’s website to finish the transaction. In the future, Instagram says its shoppable IGTV videos will be made discoverable on Instagram Shop, as well.