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Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian ask Instagram to stop imitating TikTok

Both sisters posted on their Instagram stories - asking the platform to revert to being a photo sharing app, not a TikTok clone.

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram stories to post to her millions of followers to "Make Instagram Instagram Again". Her sister Kim Kardashian also reshared the photo on her story with the caption "Pretty Please". Both sisters had been resharing a post by photographer Tati Bruening.

The post is a call to action to sign a petition - to bring back chronological timelines for users' feeds and to emphasise on photographs and feed posts again. Keep in mind that when Kevin Systrom first founded Instagram in 2010 - it had started out as a photo sharing social media platform.

Her post is in the context of Instagram's latest update - which many members are not fond of. The latest update is a push for Instagram Reels - bringing the short videos to the main news feed. Other aspects of the update include more advertisements and suggestions for content from users that the members don't follow at all. It's clear that Instagram - which belongs to Meta (formerly Facebook) sees TikTok as a worthy opponent.

Both Jenner and Kardashian hold considerable influence in the world of social media. In February 2018, Jenner posted an innocuous tweet suggesting that she rarely used Snapchat these days. A day after her tweet went out to her millions of followers - Snap's shares plummeted by 7%, costing the company nearly $1 billion in market capitalisation, according to a report by CNBC TV18.

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