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Levi's rallies for hope with social media influencers

The global clothing giant has got social media influencers, like Melvin Louis and Shakti and Mukthi Mohan, to say that we will dance together again.

Levi's 'Circles' ad in 2017 was one of the most popular ads of the year, and one of the, if not the, most successful campaigns for the brand. From the diverse cast to the eye-catching dance movies and Jain's 'Makeba' song, there was little one could say against the campaign.

Such was the success of the ad and the soundtrack that Levi's still uses it in its communication. Recently, in India, the brand took to influencer marketing to propel is messaging that despite everything that's happening around us, we will all dance together again.

Popular choreographers Melvin Louis and Shakti Mohan share Levi's thoughts on their Instagram handles while dancing (to) 'Makeba'.

Louis wrote, "In these testing times, I’m letting myself loose cuz my passion for dance is always thumping... Let’s hold strong and not forget that this too shall pass. I’m dancing from home and just waiting to emerge again, separated from all you lovely people for now, but we will soon dance together again."

Mohan wrote, "We know that life is precious and worth fighting for, so let us not forget our human connections amidst this temporary division. Let’s celebrate this life, one that comprises of things that bring you joy and happiness in the hope that one day soon, we will all dance together again."

In June 2020, Levi's revisited the 'Circles' campaign... With 'Makeba' playing in the background, the campaign shows people of different ages, races, colours and nationalities, with this message appearing on the screen, 'One Day Soon, We Will Dance Together Again'.

In a press release, Levi’s said, "The campaign is a message about keeping the faith. About hope. The fact that everybody is in this together and they will emerge to again experience life to its fullest. People out there continue to stay safe so that they can once again meet friends and family, dance and listen to music together, go out to eat, watch a movie, take a trip, and soak in other cultural experiences. A life that comprises the little things that bring joy and happiness and that 'One Day Soon, We Will All Dance Together Again'.”