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Meta testing more ways to control what we see on Instagram

The new feature will help in customizing the user experience by hiding the posts.

Instagram has announced that it is testing two new ways to improve the Instagram experience for users. The company has issued a certain list of controls and methods that can be used to see more of what one wants on your Instagram Feed.

  1. Multi-select ‘Not Interested’ in Explore that allows to select multiple posts in the Explore tab to tell Instagram, in a single tap, that you’re not interested

  2. The ability to hide content containing certain words in suggested posts that lets you hide suggested posts containing certain words, phrases, or emojis in the captions or hashtags. This will be amplified in India too.

The company will soon start testing the ability to tell Instagram one does ot wish to see suggested posts with certain words, phrases or emojis in the caption or hashtags. Whether you’re seeing something that’s not relevant, or have moved on from something you used to like, this feature can be used to stop seeing content that’s not interesting to you.

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