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Meta rolls out ad-free subscription plans for Facebook and Instagram in Europe

The subscription for no ads will be available for people aged 18 and up.

Meta Platforms has introduced subscription plans for Facebook and Instagram users in Europe to access these platforms without advertisements, in order to comply with European Union regulations. These monthly subscription plans are available for users in the EU, European Economic Area, and Switzerland. Web users will have to pay 9.99 euros ($10.58) per month, while iOS and Android users will be charged 12.99 euros a month.

The EU regulations on data privacy pose a challenge to Meta's ability to personalise ads for users without their consent and could impact its major revenue source. By offering a choice between a free, ad-supported plan and an ad-free paid subscription, Meta will give users a compliant option without significantly affecting its ad business.

Meta has been facing antitrust pressure from the EU and recently lost a legal battle against a German data protection order. The company was fined 390 million euros by Ireland's Data Privacy Commissioner earlier this year and was told that it could not use the contract as a legal basis for sending users targeted ads based on their online activity. In response, Meta has announced that it will seek user consent in the EU before allowing businesses to target ads, addressing the changing regulatory requirements in the region.

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