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Mohammed Khan is literally Swiggy on wheels

Delhi-based photojournalist Arun Sharma chronicles Khan who rollerblades to deliver orders for the food delivery app.

The glimpse of Swiggy’s bright Orange T-shirt is a telltale of someone’s hunger pangs being soon meet with their favourite dish.

But, in Delhi, if your Swiggy delivery executive happens to be Mohammed Khan, then along with shades of orange, you’re also likely to hear the near alien sounds of a rollerblade.

“This executive skates his way through COVID pandemic, one order at a time. Life is not on the fast track for Mohammed Khan, a food delivery boy on skates for whom the dark clouds of despair in a pandemic year are edged with hope,” writes photojournalist Arun Sharma who captured the life of Khan in 10 photographs and an intriguing tale on his Instagram profile

Khan was a skating instructor for 10 years and on average skates 90 to 100 kilometres a day. Today, he works with Swiggy and will continue to do so even after he returns to his classes after all this (pandemic) is over.

“The days are hard, I pray to Allah everything will be fine," Khan added before putting on his helmet, strapping on his skates and setting off. Another day of work beckoned,” writes Sharma.

Cover image credit: Arun Sharma

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