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Why are all’s employees stepping down?

To create a stir for its brand refresh,’s employees posted their decision to move on from the company on LinkedIn.

A number of top executives of wrote LinkedIn posts bidding 'goodbye' to the job portal. However, all these posts were a part of the major rebranding campaign that Monster has undergone. 

The brand mentions that this is a significant milestone in its journey as it transforms to a full-fledged talent management platform. Now Monster will be known as ‘’  and has a new logo and ‘vision.’

While we have seen multiple brands use social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to create a stir for their upcoming major announcements, it is quite rare that a brand uses a professional networking site to do the same. 

It appears that Monster asked its employees to share such posts on LinkedIn which, without the context of the brand refresh, seems like they are really moving on. Multiple users in the comment section of these posts can be seen congratulating the person for the professional update.

The use of a professional and relatively serious social media channel like LinkedIn for putting out such updates is something that is unusual and draws attention.

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