Abhinav Anand
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Mumbai Police spreads awareness with some help from pop culture

Mumbai Police, with their witty tweets are trying to spread awareness and urge people to stay at home during this pandemic.

When it comes to addressing issues with witty posts, Mumbai Police is staying on the top of their game. They have always tried connecting with people on social media using witty quotes or even Bollywood references. This method taken up by the Mumbai Police has not only helped them garner a lot of attention over the years but has also assisted them in reaching out to a wider audience.

Recently, while addressing people about the importance of staying home while the coronavirus pandemic spreads, Mumbai Police came out with an interesting tweet. Their tweet had a poster that read, “ O Corona Kabhi Mat Aana (O Corona, Never Come)” and along with this they also used the #EverySTREEtSafe. Every Bollywood movie buff out there would have by now clearly understood that this was in reference to the Raj Kumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘STREE’.

In the tweet, they also stated, “The only mantra we need to keep #EverySTREEtSafe is not to venture out on the STREEts #TakingOnCorona #coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreakindia #COVIDー19”.

In their recent posts, they have also used the character of “Professor” from the famous Netflix series “Money Heist” which had recently released its 4th part. The idea of constantly keeping up with the interest of the audience has helped the Mumbai Police develop effective communication with the public. They strictly focus on emphasizing these general interests and characters with the current issue in hand.

Mumbai Police have always been actively present on social media and they have rightfully used this presence to spread awareness and information to the public during such difficult times. They have always been abreast with the latest trending interests, and also focuses on keeping the mood light and funny with their creatives. This wasn’t the first time and surely won’t be the last, where we’ll get to explore the witty side of the Mumbai Police. Here are some of the funny ways they tried to spread awareness about the covid-19 pandemic in recent times, by making pop culture references.

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