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Myntra mess makes Zomato, Swiggy, question their logos...

The food delivery brands indirectly tweeted with reference to the complaint filed against Myntra's logo, which called it 'obscene'.

Myntra has been trending on social media over the past weekend for a rather unexpected reason. In response to a complaint that found the logo 'offensive' - the brand revamped its five-year-old logo ‘M’, which is simply overlapping shades of two colours - pink and orange.

The move came after a Mumbai-based social worker took to social media to claim that "the overall placement of the colour scheme" of the letter "M" in the logo was "obscene to the eyes of any person of normal prudence.”

Ekta Naaz, founder-director of Avesta Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO, had filed a written complaint with the police in December last year demanding that "the logo be changed", or Myntra may face legal action.

According to the complaint, it was "deliberate placement of the colour scheme" to "depict a woman’s vagina and such is again highlighted with the colour scheme of depicting her legs spread out in a suggestive manner."

Two brands took the opportunity to pun on the trending topic on social media. The first was Swiggy, who took to 'staring at their own logo for 9 hours' (presumably, in a bid to figure out if it could be perceived as offensive or not.)

Zomato used the opportunity to throwback to one of their older logos. In 2015, Zomato changed its logo to the shape of a spoon. However, comedian Tanmay Bhat and a few others pointed out that the logo resembled something else altogether.

Myntra mess makes Zomato, Swiggy, question their logos...

Zomato's tongue-in-cheek reply referenced the fact that at the time, Bhat's comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) was pulled up by the censor board for their comedy show - which was a roast of film stars Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, featuring filmmaker Karan Johar.