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Netflix and chilling on your period? This new video has some recommendations

Starring actress Yashaswini Dayama illustrating the different days of women's periods and the mood swings that come with it.

For once, it is refreshing to hear the word period being said openly, instead of in whispers. Actress Yashaswini Dayama stars in Netflix's latest content piece - a video on YouTube that sums up the different moods a woman has during her period and gives Netflix recommendations that go with each day.

The video attempts to be relatable and strike a chord with viewers. It may have worked because at the time of writing this article - it had over 40,000 views in a span of a few hours. The video also showcases Netflix's content library and pushes shows that are popular along with brief summaries of their storylines and why they're relatable.

If you're wondering where you've seen Dayama before - she is a staple in Filtercopy videos across a broad range of topics. Filtercopy as a content platform now regularly collaborates with brands and integrates their advertising and messages in these short content pieces.

She also starred in Netflix's original content on YouTube. She starred in its Valentine's Day short film this year and has made appearances in its movie and series reviewing show - Behensplaning.