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Netflix's 'India South' Twitter account irks netizens

A bid for inclusivity gone wrong?

On July 7th 2021, Netflix announced the launch of its 'India South' account. Amidst an increased focus on South Indian movies, the OTT platform launched the account - which is separate from the Netflix India account exclusively to promote content from Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada movies.

The account however, has irked some Twitter users who felt that it may have been unnecessary to create a separate account. A user suggested the OTT giant could have just given more air time to existing content instead of creating a whole new account for it.

Another user on Twitter elucidated that the account alone wasn't the cause of annoyance with users. The newly released 'South Anthem' featured artistes NJ, Arivu, SIRI and Hanumankind. Arivu a Tamil singer popularly known for his track 'Enjoy Enjaami' had to rap in Telugu.

The two languages are distinctly different from each other and users were quick to point out that Arivu, a native Tamil speaker wasn't able to get the pronunciations of the words right.

The user also pointed out that the tweets that the Netflix India account had put up content on their social media channels that appeared as if it had been taken straight from Google Translate.