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NIVEA makes TikTok debut with new campaign

Called #ShareTheCare, the brand wants you to show how much you love, and care about, your loved one.

NIVEA, the personal care giant from Beiersdorf, has made its debut on TikTok, ByteDance's short video app, to promote its new campaign #ShareTheCare.

Through this campaign, NIVEA wants consumers to show their loved ones how much they love, and care for, them, but in a fun way, which, the brand says is even more important in today's hard times.

NIVEA makes TikTok debut with new campaign

NIVEA has partnered with leading TV personalities and influencers, like Genelia Deshmukh and Anita Hassanandani, for this campaign. The image above is from NIVEA's official TikTok account, where it has described the challenge open to all TikTokers.


Show us who you care about the most##ShareTheCare @nivea_india

♬ Nivea Share The Care - Balancing Act

Speaking about the new campaign, Sachin Killawala, director marketing, NIVEA India, said, “We are living in uncertain and challenging times. Now more than ever is the time to show care and spread love. NIVEA stands for trusted care and protection. We want to encourage viewers to express their love and care to their loved ones in catchy and memorable ways on a fun platform like TikTok to bring this campaign alive.”

“We have received a very good response and participation from people so far. The activity has also helped us strengthen our beliefs of trusted care and protection with our consumers successfully,” he added.

Aditya Hitkari and Divya Palat, founders, Balancing Act Productions, who're behind the campaign, said, “At Balancing Act, we enjoyed creating the music, lyrics, choreography, along with choosing the perfect blend of influencers, who could take NIVEA's message of 'Share The Care' forward. In these times, we were proud to create something positive and happy.”

Earlier on April 21, NIVEA UK had released an ad detailing how little acts of care are more important than ever, now. With an acoustic cover of 'Stand by Me' playing in the background, it featured frontline workers getting ready for work, people practising social distancing, children learning from home, while people communicating to each other via video calls. The campaign's message was that one should show care, especially now.

A key measure from NIVEA is donating 5 million of its skincare products to the healthcare staff around the globe to show their care and gratitude.