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OTT platform Eros Now pulls down naughty Navratri posts after backlash

The brand apologises after religious-minded netizens bashed its Navratri themed social media posts.

OTT platform Eros Now has found itself under fire after its Bollywood themed posts on the festival of Navratri were received badly by some. Earlier today, the brand was called out online by people who found the posts out of sync with their religious sentiments, and who’re asking like-minded people to boycott the brand.

While the outrage is against the sexual nature of the posts, at the heart of the problem lies religion; the most vocal trolls feel the brand has insulted the Hindu festival of Navratri.

After the furore, Eros Now has taken down the posts and issued an apology note on its social media handles. In the note, it has apologised for “having offended anybody’s sentiments” and has clarified “… it has never been, our intention to hurt anyone’s emotions.”

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