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Police departments get creative on social media during the lockdown

It not only helps them connect with the people but makes them appear less intimidating and more relatable and humane.

Creating sharable content across social media platforms is something brands are adept at. But, when police departments begin to do this on a near regular basis, then there's something to be said about it.

It was the Mumbai Police department's Twitter handle that emerged as funny and relatable to audiences across all ages. Soon, Bengaluru followed and now we're seeing Punjab and Jaipur too.

The aim here is to connect with audiences while educating them about what's going on, the dos and don't, the myths etc. The more a police department can do this, the more comfortable people become with it and see the force from a fresh lens than one of apprehension or outright fear.

Here are some of the best examples of police departments using social media:

Punjab Police on staying at home during the lockdown and on fake news.

Bengaluru Police on cybercrime, fake news, and staying indoors during the lockdown.

Mumbai Police making its point in the best manner.

Even Jaipur Police got into the action.

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