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Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime performance cleverly promotes Fenty Beauty

Global singing icon Rihanna executes a strategic brand placement during her Super Bowl halftime performance.

During the Super Bowl halftime show, Rihanna delivered a stunning performance of her greatest hits and executed an extremely smart product placement.

When the opening notes of "All of the Lights" filled the arena, Rihanna casually accepted a compact from a fan and strutted down the stage while singing the first verse. This move cleverly promoted Fenty Beauty, which has been Rihanna's primary focus in recent years and was instrumental in helping her achieve billionaire status in 2022.

The global icon launched her beauty and lingerie brand in September, 2017. The brand garnered massive popularity for providing broad inclusivity across various skin tones to consumers.

As per reports, the 34-year-old billionaire, has spent much of the last seven years focusing her efforts on her beauty and fashion empire, rather than her music career.

Artists famously don't get paid for performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, but Rihanna - who has a net worth of $1.4 billion - made sure to use the platform to promote brand throughout the 13-minute-long performance.

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