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SonyLIV's promotional tactic for 'Undekhi' draws sharp criticism

The 'test activity' as described by the OTT platform in a clarification didn't sit well with people.

On Friday, several people, on social media, complained about a phone call that left them scared and anxious and then outright furious.

In the call, a guy, in a trembling voice, introduces himself as Rishi and reveals that he's captured a murder on his camera and now the murderer wants to kill him too...and then a voice says, "Undekhi, streaming now on SonyLIV."

Undekhi is a new web series starring Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Harsh Chhaya and Surya Sharma and is streaming on the SonyLIV app right now. However, this promotional tactic didn't impress anyone. People have not just complained about it on social media but many have tagged Mumbai Police too.

Suvrata Bhati termed the promotional tactic as ridiculous and questioned SonyLIV if they realised what it could do to someone if they miss out on the last few words of the call where the promotion is revealed.

Smriti Kiran lambasted the OTT platform and tagged Mumbai Police asking them to take action for the promotional gimmick.

SonyLIV's promotional tactic for 'Undekhi' draws sharp criticism

And to her tweet, ASCI took notice and urged her to file a complaint.

SonyLIV's promotional tactic for 'Undekhi' draws sharp criticism

Actress Mini Mathur too called out the platform for its marketing gimmick.

Eventually, SonyLIV issued a clarification where it apologised for, "a test activity which has gone out accidentally" and said it wasn't its intention cause any kind of discomfort or panic.

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