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Squid Game becomes most watched Netflix show, brands tweet their take on the games

As Squid Game garners 111 million views, here's how other brands - and Netflix - have been indulging in moment marketing with the show.

Netflix's latest Korean survival thriller show - Squid Game, has taken the internet by storm. The show was released on 17 September 2021 and has garnered 111 million views worldwide - making it Netflix's biggest series launch.

The show features debt-ridden individuals playing for survival and a hefty prize money. The viewership numbers for this show are only seconded by Netflix's period Drama Bridgerton - which reached 82 million households upon its debut, according to The Guardian. The platform's third most-watched series debut is French-language Lupin.

The success of Squid Game is testament to South Korea’s influence on global popular culture. The Hallyu wave has reached fans worldwide thanks to global phenomena like the K-Pop bands BTS and BlackPink and the Oscar winning movie Parasite.

Closer home in India, brands have been making memes and references to the show, to engage with their viewers and be a part of the conversation. Here's how different brands took on Squid Games to make moment marketing communications.

Tinder India tweeted that they wanted someone to hype them up as much as the series was being hyped on social media. Netflix India themselves volunteered to do it, even though there's no prize money involved.

One of the games played in the show is called Red Light Green Light. The players have to move forward when a giant doll calls out the phrase 'Green Light' and they need to freeze when it says 'Red Light'. This game was referenced by brands like Dunzo and Swiggy too when it came to moment marketing.

Netflix India has also been actively promoting Squid Game with behind the scenes pictures of the cast and crew as well as tweets that make multiple pop-culture references to the show.

Netflix even compared Squid Game to other titles in its library like Money Heist.

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