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Starbucks finally gets your name right

The coffee chain, in a self-deprecating online post, drills down the importance of wearing masks.

To see your favourite barista at Starbucks get your order right is nice, right? To have her/him get your name right on the cup? Now, that's what we're talking about.

Creative agency Iris decided to take this very trademark aspect of Starbucks outlets and created a relatable, yet striking ad. It's an attempt to push the wearing of marks as it's mandatory in the UK if you want to visit a retail outlet.

In the simple ad, we see a Starbucks cup and at the place where your name should be, there’s 'Mmphfffh' written.

A Muse by Clio report states, Eli Vasiliou, the Iris associate creative director who came up with the ad, as saying, "The mask ad was proactive, rather than in response to a client brief. With masks becoming mandatory in shops and cafes in the UK, and mask/no-mask debates raging on social media, we saw an opportunity for Starbucks. On one hand, positioning mask wearing as an altruistic act, but also just taking the heat out of the issue."

She continued, "Names on cups is such a big thing at Starbucks, and it just occurred to me how much trickier life suddenly is for baristas. They've got no chance! That idea made me laugh. So, we worked it up as a little social post for Starbucks' Instagram and Facebook. The client loved it and signed it off, and that was that."

Back in India, Tata Starbucks has announced the launch of the #StarbucksDance Challenge to engage with people. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Download the music from Tata Starbucks Instagram bio.

Step 2: Play the music in the background.

Step 3: Let loose and enjoy while you do the #StarbucksDance Challenge hook step.

Step 4: Upload your video as a post and tag Tata Starbucks using #StarbucksDance Challenge.

The winners stand a chance to win Starbucks (coffee) for a year.