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Stationery brands keep the art and artist engaged on social media...

... from tutorials to curated artwork, these brands are igniting the artist in everybody, one social media post at a time.

If there is one benefit of the lockdown, it's the free time that we now have at our disposal. Those living in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru must be particularly pleased with the amount of time – which is anywhere between two and fours hours – they‘re saving on their daily home to office and back commute. One could spend the saved time with family at home, instead.

During lockdown, it is hard to keep the `bored‘ kids occupied at home. They can't go out to play with their friends because social distancing is a must. While gadgets and kid-friendly OTT platforms are an option, we saw a more creative avenue on the web, in the form of art.

Yes, we saw many stationery brands doing something, or the other, around drawing, sketching, painting, and colouring. Not only is it a creative hobby to pick up, but kids, and even adults, tend to enjoy these activities.

Staedtler, the German stationery manufacturer known for its premium pencils, curates eye-catching web artwork. This acts as inspiration for people, who're bored of sitting at home and are looking for something, as well as those artists who'd given up on their art because life happened to them.

Its YouTube channel has interesting topics, which you will definitely watch, learn from, and even practice.

Another brand putting out interesting stuff online is Faber-Castell India, a `giant' in the stationery world. Its Instagram profile has interesting and easy DIY videos, which can keep both kids and adults occupied for a good hour to two.

Apsara, the popular pencil company, is in the game as well. Not only does it curate amazing artwork, but it also offers neat tips and tricks on drawing that will surely generate kids' interest in drawing and sketching.

Etsy, the online craft marketplace, is another place to explore. Its India Instagram page has therapeutic DIY video guides, engaging conversations with Etsy sellers, and tips on making 'work from home' work.

Stationery brand Camlin has an 'Art Hour' series on its Instagram profile. Every day, there’s a new topic and tool, and your skills are put to the test – something a family can do together.

The Instagram profile of Chumbak, the online retailer of `fun stuff‘, has excellent art tutorials and some drool-worthy designs, too.

We've also got Hobby Ideas India, one of the best places for curated artwork. From adults to kids, there's something to enjoy for everyone here.

A thing to remember here is that you don't need all the essentials, just get cracking with a pencil, pen, or even a paintbrush.

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