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Swiggy and Spotify ask users to 'eat' their playlists...

On Twitter, long after the 'Gully Boy' rap craze had died down, we spotted this tweet from Swiggy...

The rap-style tweet received a prompt response from Spotify – who asked Swiggy, in true desi style, to throw a party.

When Spotify asked Swiggy to throw a party, they tweeted this in response, to build up to the theme of the contest.

Swiggy being a food delivery platform, asked Spotify what to serve – we expected the answer to be food related, but this was the reply...

Obviously, Swiggy wasn’t the only one puzzled, so Spotify tweeted this to clarify.

This is when Swiggy took to their own Twitter handle to make an official announcement about the contest.

Then came the official announcement about the contest.

The contest invited users to create Spotify playlists and give the names, a food-related twist. Winners of the contest are eligible to win Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 and a Spotify premium subscription for a year.

This is not the first time Spotify has run a contest with emphasis on their playlist offerings. Internationally, Spotify teamed up with McDonald's to invite users to make music with their fries. Customers were invited to place their fries on a code traced on the tray liner. They could subsequently open the Spotify app and scan the code (with the fries on them). Scanning the code takes the users to a profile called "FriesList" - which contained playlists nicknamed "FriesList" that were centred around French Fries.

Spotify's 'fries' themed playlists
Spotify's 'fries' themed playlists

Closer home in India, Spotify ran a digital campaign to celebrate Holi and it was called #PacketMeinPlaylist. On their social media channels, Spotify uploaded pictures of plastic packets filled with powdered colour and a QR code. Scanning the QR code using the Search tab on a user's Spotify app opened a language-based Spotify playlist in the app. The campaign objective was to higlight their offerings in different languages.

In an earlier article, we spoke to Spotify MD Amarjit Singh Batra, who spoke about the overall response that Spotify has received from its Indian audiences - "Overall, the numbers are great; people are listening to both local and international music. The top 5-6 metros drive traffic, but we have started noticing traction in tier II and tier III cities as well."

As far as Swiggy is concerned, this isn't the first time they've gone 'musical' for a campaign. Earlier this year, Swiggy teamed up with Dentsu Webchutney to create Swiggy's Voice of Hunger challenge, that invited users to use Instagram's voice note feature to create sounds that imitated the shape of food items.