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Swiggy Dineout’s GPT unveils GIRF in a whacky way!

The campaign was an innovative pre-buzz to unveil Swiggy Dineout’s most-awaited Great Indian Restaurant Festival.

White Rivers Media and Swiggy Dineout struck the right chord with their new campaign, ‘DineoutGPT’, which is a pre-buzz to the 7th edition of the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF), India's largest restaurant festival, which is back with Swiggy Dineout. Whimsically, the campaign hypes up the audience for DineoutGPT and then breaks even more exciting news.

In a time where all things AI are trending, this pre-buzz campaign, ‘DineoutGPT,’ smartly manoeuvers its audience into thinking that Swiggy Dineout is launching DineoutGPT to bring about the ultimate revolution in the history of dining out.

Commenting on the campaign, Ankit Mehrotra, founder and vice president, Swiggy Dineout said, “GIRF has always been a sensation among foodies in love with dining experiences. Together with White Rivers Media, we were able to plot its smashing return; one that could tickle our users’ peaking interest in assistive technologies. It is delightful to see the overwhelming online appreciation for DineoutGPT, and even more satisfying to realise that Swiggy Dineout, as a brand, has emerged as one of the internet’s favourite.”

Executed by White Rivers Media and titled #DineoutGPT, this pre-buzz campaign consisted of a video announcing the launch of Dineout GPT, a quirky story series under ‘Ask DineoutGPT’ by leveraging the ‘Ask Me Anything’ widget on Instagram. Further, the campaign uncovered a series of well-rounded reels around a glitchy effect featuring popular faces like Vishnu Kaushal and Larissa Dsa. The video gives a unique and fun spin of its own. It is a brave attempt by the brand to be relatable and quirky and keep the audience hooked.

“Working on Swiggy Dineout’s DineoutGPT has been an ecstatic experience. The brand’s readiness to experiment with new and quirky zones inspired us to conceptualize this pre-buzz campaign leveraging the concept of AI in the most whacky way. We’re excited about Swiggy Dineout’s first Great Indian Restaurant Festival campaign since the acquisition and to see the big buzz it has made online,” said Mitesh Kothari, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of White Rivers Media.

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