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Swiggy releases statement with details about viral horseback rider

The rider was a 17 year old named Sushant, riding a horse named Shiva.

Thanks to Indian netizens, Swiggy has finally found its mystery horseback delivery partner. The rider is a 17 year old boy named Sushant who incidentally, doesn't work for Swiggy at all. The delivery bag on his back had been borrowed and didn't contain food - it contained an embroidered drape and accessories that horses wear before a ceremonial procession.

Swiggy put out another statement about the rider, revealing more details about the rider and the person who shot the video too.

Sushant found fame on the internet when a viral video showed him carrying a Swiggy delivery bag while on horseback. The first time around, Swiggy announced a reward of 5000 rupees in Swiggy cash to the netizens who could help identify the rider.

The food delivery app took to social media after the video had been widely reshared and asked for netizens' help in identifying the rider. It also put out a statement clarifying that it was not about to add horses, donkeys, goats, camels or any other four-legged animals to its delivery fleet.

The delivery app stayed true to its usual witty communication style by raising questions in its statement. Who is this delivery man? Where did he park the horse? Why is he so determined to brave Mumbai rains on horseback to deliver the orders?

The statement asked for netizens' help in finding the rider. A reward of Swiggy cash worth Rs 5,000 waits for the person who can provide information about the mysterious rider-cum-delivery man. The statement calls the young man an 'accidental brand ambassador' and admires his ingenuity. Swiggy also acknowledges the positive attention it has got, thanks to his stunt, and mentions wanting to thank him for it.

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