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Swiggy takes Netflix collaboration forward with reference to the show 'Dark'

An Instagram post saw a redesigned poster for the show with ginger superimposed in the background to reference the Hindi proverb.

Dark is one of the most popular shows that's airing on Netflix India. When it was released, it made it to the top of Netflix's trending list and stayed there for almost a month.

The show was referenced in one of Swiggy's latest posts. The post read 'Adrak' (ginger in hindi) and referenced an old proverb which asks - Bandar ko adrak ka swaad kaise jaante ho? (How will a money know about the taste of ginger?)

Swiggy has also referenced popular Netflix show 'Sex Education' in their tweets.

Swiggy has even made a few Sacred Games references on their social handles.

Swiggy also referenced popular Netflix show 'Money Heist' with this collaboration.