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The Script Room launches 'Reels Room', a specialized social media venture for vertical content creation

In collaboration with Shiv Parameshwaran and led by Ahsan Khan, this initiative will generate content tailored for Instagram and Facebook users.

The Script Room was established by Ayyappan Raj and Ramsam (Rajesh Ramaswamy) four years ago as an independent bespoke audio-visual creative agency based in Bangalore and Bombay. Now, they have introduced their latest offering, Reels Room, a specialized business unit that will exclusively cater to the socially engaged consumer. Teasing at InstaReels, this venture will focus on crafting captivating content for Instagram and Facebook users.

Partnering with Bad Donkey Small Wall, founded by renowned creative director and ad filmmaker Shiv Parameshwaran, Reels Room ventures into exploring the potential of vertical films for the burgeoning mobile-first audience. Shiv emphasizes the higher watch completion rates of vertical videos compared to the struggle of watching horizontal videos on locked phone orientations. He envisions Reels Room as a gateway to unlocking a new realm of creativity and connection.

Heading the Reels Room is Ahsan Khan, a creator himself and a founding member of The Script Room. Ahsan recognizes the significant opportunity to create high-impact audio-visual work solely for social media, an arena where they have already produced engaging content for top Indian brands across television and digital platforms.

Rajesh Ramaswamy praises the creative genius of Shiv and the well-suited expertise of Ahsan for this new venture. He expresses excitement about launching Reels Room in partnership with them, alongside the talented team comprising Namrata, Alex, Ariana, and Shiv. Together, they eagerly look forward to delivering exceptional content.

For Ayyappan Raj, Reels Room emerged from market insights, acknowledging the big opportunity in the social space to create high-quality audio-visual content that reflects a company's stature and builds a distinctive brand voice. Drawing from their previous experiences, Reels Room will benefit from cultural insights and storytelling expertise honed by The Script Room.

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