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Tinder India asks 'what more hints do you need?' on social; sparks trend

Parle-G, Swiggy, Zomato, McDonald's and many more brands were quick to jump on to the trend, tweeting their own versions of 'hints'.

Dating can be frustrating. Sometimes, people might be oblivious to our feelings and hints might get missed. Tinder India sparked off a trend on social media when they tweeted that they replied to all parts of the text, 'what more hints do you want?'

To this tweet, McDonald's India replied, with their own version - informing people that its newly launched BTS meal is free - what more hints do people need, to place their orders?

Bira beer - the Indian homegrown beer brand also replied to the tweet, mentioning that they were willing to share beer with that special someone - what more hints do they need?

Saregama joined in the trend with a reference to a classic Bollywood song sung by Kishore Kumar and Latha Mangeshkar

Myntra quote tweeted Tinder India's original tweet with a reference to virtual dating - asking if the person needed more hints than a full face of makeup for a video call date.

OkCupid India's take on the trend was a WFH reference. They must be special if you're peeking at your phone in between meetings for them, - it tweeted.

StarPlus referenced one of their own shows - Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani - while jumping on the tend's bandwagon.

Meanwhile, food delivery apps were having a party of their own. First, Zomato tweeted about a reminder to drink chai, to which Parle-G replied.

Swiggy referenced when people have their friends’ and special someone’s addresses saved on their app.