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Twitter asks users to roast 2020 - Samsung, Instagram, Netflix etc., oblige

Instagram, Netflix and Samsung all hopped on the bandwagon when Twitter's official account posted, asking users to roast 2020.

2020 has been an eventful year - unfortunately it was the kind that leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. Twitter's official profile recently tweeted, inviting users and brands alike to roast the unforgettable year.

Uber was among the first of the brands to reply, calling the year a 'one star ride'.

Photo sharing platform Instagram really went ahead and said 'Nope, don't know her', tweeting a GIF of American singer Mariah Carey; in a bid to try and forget about the year that made our lives a collective hell.

Netflix India did not have a funny quip but Netflix's Denmark account decided to join the fun. The streaming platform took the opportunity to reference their own show 'Dark' - a series that involves time travel.

Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung decided to join the conversation too, referencing their own series of 'Galaxy' smartphones. The brand asked the year to find another Galaxy to inhabit.

Indian lifestyle brand boAt headphones also decided to contribute to the conversation with a funny GIF that summed up 2020 - as an unsnoozable alarm clock.