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Twitter Blue to cost $11 for Apple, $7 for web

The micro-blogging platform to charge 30% more from iOS users.

As per media reports, Twitter will be charging iPhone users $11 for blue tick, whereas web users will be required to pay $7.

Twitter owner Elon Musk recently went on a rant against Apple for pausing ads on Twitter. Musk in a series of tweets was seen claiming that Apple threatened to “withhold” Twitter from the App Store, implying that the iPhone maker might take action against the social app over changes under its new ownership without offering any evidence. 

Musk also accused Apple of threatening to “withhold Twitter from its App Store.” However, reports reveal that Musk set up a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss the App Store tax problem, post which the the Twitter owner tweeted that the problem has been resolved.

Twitter Blue plan is on halt right now but when it resumes you will have to pay $11 per month if you subscribe from iOS, according to a report.

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