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Twitter launches ‘violent speech’ policy with zero tolerance

The new policy prohibits or incites violence, wishes for harm, or glorifies violent acts. 

The micro-blogging platform Twitter announced to launch its new ‘violent speech policy’ and update its rules on violent content and similar language. 

The platform mentioned that the content of its speech policy is similar to Twitter’s previous violent threats policy, however, it manages to be both more specific and vague.

The new policy, although is the same as the existing one, prohibits violent threats, wishes of harm, glorification of violence, and incitement of violence. 

The policy also prohibits threats to damage homes and shelters or infrastructure that are essential to civic or business activities.

The platform in a series of tweets said that it has made a few changes to its policies surrounding violent content and similar language.

Both policies ban users for threatening or glorifying violence in most cases, however, the latest rules expand on certain scenarios and minimise others.

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