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Twitter to introduce new controls for ad placement

Elon Musk recently saw a "massive drop in revenue" due to civil rights organizations that have pressured brands to pause their Twitter ads.

The social media company Twitter has announced that they will roll out new controls as soon as next week which will prevent companies from appearing their ads above and below the tweets by using certain keywords, Twitter told this to advertisers in an email.

These new controls are the part of the Twitter effort to reassure and lure back adversities that have pulled ads off the platform since it was purchased in October by billionaire Elon Musk, amid reports from civil rights groups that hate speech has risen since the acquisition and after several banned or suspended accounts were reinstated.

The Elon Musk owned network earns nearly 90% of its revenue from selling digital ads. He recently attributed a "massive drop in revenue" due to civil rights organizations pressuring brands to pause their Twitter ads.

In a recent call with an advertising industry group, a Twitter representative said the platform was considering bringing its content moderators, many of whom are contracted through third-party vendors, in-house, according to a source.

The Twitter representative said bringing content moderators in-house would allow the platform to invest more in moderation for non-English languages, according to the source.

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