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United Airlines' witty tweet reminds users to stay in their lane...

We live in a world where most marketers and brands are bending over backwards to appeal to consumers from different age groups. At a time like this, it's a refreshing change to see a brand take a stance for its policies on social media.

In this case, United Airlines used an example of car brands to drive their point home. Companies have been using social media as a ways of engaging with their consumer base and sometimes, in situations like this, a brand gets the opportunity to exercise its sassy side. This trend is not new, given that Twitter has been around since 2006. Wendy's and McDonald's have been feuding on Twitter for years, and occasionally, Wendy's takes the time out to post witty replies to user questions.

In India too, the rules of engagement are rapidly changing.Earlier this year, we saw IRCTC 'clapback' at a user who tweeted about inappropriate ads that popped up while he was trying to book tickets through the app.

IRCTC responded to the tweet, pointing out that it works with the Google tool Ad Exchange (ADX for short.) Essentially, ADX sells the ads and the Google Display Network provides brands with a place to display them. Google Display Network uses targeting options to show potential customers the right message at the right place, at the right time - which is what programmatic advertising focuses on. Programmatic advertising refers to buying digital ad space using computers and data to decide which ads to buy and which spaces to place them in.

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