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Vavo Digital extends its partnership with Zink London for their influencer campaigns

Through the support of campaigns curated by Vavo Digital, Zink London seeks to showcase a variety of clothing styles crafted for every individual.

With the aim of reaching out to maximum customers through engaging campaigns, Vavo Digital, leading influencer marketing agency, has strengthened its ties with popular clothing brand, Zink London. Vavo Digital has successfully completed two campaigns with the brand in the past and is currently in the process of curating three more exciting ones.

From onboarding budding influencers to Macro influencers for these campaigns, Vavo Digital has collaborated on more than five briefs from Zink London, to provide them with a smooth and satisfactory influencer marketing experience. Ranging from the creation of awareness to celebrity sourcing and launch of a new collection, the association has facilitated three fascinating campaigns and are currently in the process of curating another.

Vavo Digital reached out to influencers with a good outreach and aesthetic profiles to position Zink London through a collaboration post with trendy content creators like Kamiya Jani, JustJanvi among many others who participated in these campaigns. Befitting hashtags like #JustZinkIt, #ComfortablyDope, #BlinkWinkZink were applied to raise awareness, break societal perception of women clothing and to focus on the festive glam Zink London offers through its clothing, respectively.

Commenting on the extended partnership, Rupesh Rawat, Ecommerce and marketing head at Zink London, “After much contemplation over how best we could reach our target audience for Zink London and finally decided to ink a deal with Vavo Digital for our digital campaigns. VD has played pivotal role in helping us execute impactful influencers campaigns. We’ve been able to close the gaps between our organic & paid efforts, helping us distribute our budget and resources in a more comprehensive manner. They understand the brand’s requirements well and are quick and always available to help with any query or concern the brand may have. Going forward we would strive for a collaborative effort to deliver key message of the brand to our audiences through the upcoming campaigns designed by Vavo Digital.”

Sharing her views, Vavo Digital’s Brand Solutions and Business Development Manager, Mahek Kaur Bassan, “Vavo Digital has worked very closely with Zink over the past year and has effectively facilitated some remarkable campaigns. We are extremely glad to continue our journey with the brand and look forward to curating more such campaigns that will help Zink London to bring out their elegant clothing line to its customers, while instilling a sense of loyalty to the brands products.”

Through these campaigns, the brand’s main objective is to emphasize the authenticity of their products and garner a respectable brand name.

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