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OnePlus uses meme to remind how hard it was to come up with 'Nord'

As the release date nears, OnePlus teases fans about its upcoming budget model's name on social media.

OnePlus is going back to its roots.

The phone maker is gearing for the launch of its new smartphone model called OnePlus Nord that will mark the brand's return to its affordable/budget phone roots.

The brand shared a meme on Instagram that touched on the thought/question several people shared – the name of the phone and how it got there. Earlier, the rumours tilted towards the OnePlus Z and OnePlus Lite, but the brand eventually chose Nord.

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, tweeted that the name comes from the concept of the true north – the right or ideal direction in which you should head; syncing with the brand's motto – never settle.

Counterpoint, a market research firm, said OnePlus was the number one premium brand in 2019 and captured one-third of the country's premium segment. Its last two models, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8Pro, fall in the premium segment, with the former starting from Rs 44,999, while the latter from Rs 54,999. Both models sold out within minutes of its launch in May.

According to rumours, the 'Nord' will be priced below Rs 27,000 and can well take on the iPhone SE, Apple's budget variant that retails below Rs 42,000. Both premium brands are now offering more affordable options; a sign that the upcoming smartphone wars will see price as a deciding factor.

Besides phones, OnePlus' portfolio also includes TV, and it recently launched its 'Y' series of TVs whose prices start from Rs 12,999.

The OnePlus Nord will be launched on July 21. If we were to go back to sales patterns and the social media buzz for the model, it will do well and allow OnePlus to take on brands like Samsung and its sibling brands under BBK for the right to rule the budget smartphone segment.