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When Tinder India went “ok boomer” on’s tweet

… Are we at the beginning of a tiff between a dating app and a matrimonial platform?

“Who called it and not Tinder with adult supervision?” A simple yet sharp observation and it does make you a chuckle. @ParasharBipasha tweeted this question on 22 January 2021 and had marked both brands., a matrimonial portal decided to respond to the tweet today (17 February 2021) and its message was quite amusing: “Fun fact: Parents love us and aunties wanna be us and yet only 30% of all profiles are made by parents.”

Now, we won’t go into the claims made by the portal and neither the call out to the aunties and parents (Yours truly isn’t a fan of them because they keep talking of my marriage these days). But, it was Tinder India’s comment to’s tweet that nearly made us grab for a tub of popcorn.

“ok bommer.”

We couldn’t, even if we tried, miss the sarcasm dripping from these two words. This is a catchphrase used by millennials and Gen Zs against baby boomers (people who were born between 1946 and 1964) people who’re still stuck in their decades' old mindsets.

In this case, a dating app that’s used by people across the world to hook up with someone or to find a date against a matrimonial platform that people log onto in search of a husband or wife.

Tinder might have just started something epic. We’ll keep you updated on this development.