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Why so much Hindi? RCB fans irate over new anthem for Dream11 IPL

Fans complained about the lack of Kannada and excessive use of Hindi in the anthem.

IPL teams often release new anthems every few years. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) on 18 September 2020 released its new anthem which seems to have fallen into a bit of controversy.

The 96-second anthem, written by Sonal Dabral, creative consultant and ex- Ogilvy CCO and composed by Mikey McCleary and his teams at Bay Music House has angered RCB fans because it has excessive ‘Hindi’ and minimal Kannada, the state language of Karnataka whose capital is Bangalore city.

Fans took to social media to vent their disapproval:

An anthem is an integral part of a team or club’s popularity and relationship with its fans. For instance, Manchester United’s “Glory Glory Man United” creates a familial bond amongst its fans across the world and a major reason for it is because of its age - it was written in 1983 and has had time to settle in people's minds.

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