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Yashraj Mukhate unveils 'chilled' collab with Pepsi on Instagram

The composer's latest track is an ad for how 'refreshing' Pepsi is to the ears.

With mercury rising by the minute, beverage brand Pepsi®️ is all set to give people a respite from the heat as it launches a catchy musical composition with composer and celebrated internet personality, Yashraj Mukhate. Popularly known for his viral remixes, Yashraj has created a new tune for Pepsi®️ which is an extension to the brand’s summer campaign offering a ‘more refreshing’ experience to consumers.

The entire video with groovy lyrics “Bottle khol ke pi le, Pepsi aur bhi zyada refreshing hai” is encouraging consumers to beat the heat with their favorite Pepsi.

In the video, Yashraj Mukhate can be seen creating music with a bottle of Pepsi®️ which leads to a catchy tune. This tune brings alive the fact that Pepsi®️ is now “more refreshing” and reiterates the brand’s post consumption experience.

Speaking about the collaboration, Saumya Rathor, category lead, Cola, PepsiCo India said, “Pepsi has always been a consumer centric brand with a finger on the pulse of today’s generation. With music and dance being key passion points of Gen Z, Yashraj’s creation matches with the brand’s ideologies. We look forward to having our audiences refresh themselves with this new composition, along with a chilled bottle of Pepsi.”

Over the next few days, the composition is also set to be popularized by several other popular Internet personalities such Awez, Avneet, Dhanashree Verma, Gauhar Khan, Shehnaz & Jannat Zubair to name a few.

*The claim has been substantiated by an independent research undertaken by Nielsen which establishes that Pepsi is now even “ More Refreshing.”