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Zomato fields criticism on social; throws momos at grumbling netizens

Zomato trends on Twitter after confirming its 10 minutes instant food delivery service.

In spite of the food delivery app Zomato’s disclaimer in its blog saying, “There is no pressure on the delivery partners to deliver food faster because of the promise of 10-minute delivery,” Zomato Instant has received certain backlash from social media users.

While a few users point out the grave concerns that will be faced by rushing delivery executives, others feel that no good food can be cooked and delivered in such a short span of time.

However, Zomato that is known for its witty social media marketing can be seen responding to a few of these critics.

Zomato's social media team responded in a comment to this LinkedIn user's post saying, "Zomato Instant will never be at the cost of delivery partner safety. We've carefully thought out a model that enables 10-minute delivery without any compromise on the food preparation and delivery partner safety."

Another user pointed out an important statistics that states more than 70 per cent of all food items delivered online take more than ten minutes to prepare. Zomato's witty respond to the post mentions that 'Instant' would only have standardised, limited menu items.

Zomato's reply: "Let's get you some momos, shall we?"

main image credits: @thanos_pandith twitter post

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