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Zomato gets influencers to play 'guess the brand' with pizzas

The video features ScoopWhoop's Akshay Nayar and Kanishk Priyadarshi, trying to guess which brand the pizza slice belongs to.

If you've eaten a dish from a restaurant enough number of times, it's fairly easy to guess which place it comes from. Leading food delivery platform Zomato's latest video tries to put that theory to test. It stars ScoopWhoop's content creators Akshay Nayar and Kanishk Priyadarshi. The duo play a game of 'match the following', with a pizza-induced twist.

The two try to match the pizza to the brand it belongs to. Even if they don't get all the guesses right, they go into great detail about the flavour, texture and overall taste. It is enough to paint a detailed picture in the viewer's head.

In an indirect way, it seems to be a bid to get people to order more from the Zomato app. July is being celebrated as Zomato's 'birthday month', and the brand is offering discounts on food delivery from various restaurants.

Recently, Zomato also got Sahiba Bali - a brand manager who works for the company, to star in a video, where she tastes different burgers from various eateries in Delhi.

Bali also features in a mukbang-style video, where she is seen silently consuming every dish from the McDonald's x BTS collab menu. Mukbang-style videos are hugely popular in Korea - where the boy band BTS happens to have a large fan base.

Another video starring Bali sees her sampling 10 different kinds of dimsums from Asian restaurants in the Delhi NCR area.

Zomato is no stranger to creating food-themed content for social media. Under the banner of Zomato Originals, the team creates a host of content featuring influencers, who cover a variety of topics.

In the last few months, since there has been COVID-induced lockdowns in some states, the videos have been shot, edited and uploaded remotely. Take a look at some of the content, featuring influencers and content creators, below.

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