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Zomato illustrates India’s diverse food ordering habits

The online food delivery giant compiled its food delivery data from last year for a special Republic Day’s post.

Zomato, the Bengaluru-based online food delivery giant has illustrated the diversity of India basis its food orders in a neat social media post.

The post tells us about a few regions which ordered food items one wouldn’t usually expect its citizens to consume in such large numbers. For instance, Jammu and Kashmir ordered masala dosa 6,248 times while Punjab placed 52K filter coffee orders.

Zomato in the post's caption said, “phir bhi meal hai hindustani ❤️🇮🇳… the figures mentioned in the post are for the past 1 year.”

It was delightful to see the brand use the data at its disposal to create such engaging content.

And speaking of food order statistics, on New Year’s Eve, Deepinder Goyal, Zomato’s co-founder unleashed a tweetstorm on what people were ordering, and the orders per minute (OPM) the food delivery giant was registering – it reached a high of 4,254.