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Zomato issues apology on Twitter after social media outrage

Netizens took offense when a Zomato customer service executive said Hindi is India's national language.

We live in sensitive times where brands have to be careful of the content it posts on social channels. The latest brand to be trolled for its content is Zomato. #Reject_Zomato was trending on Twitter after a customer posted screenshots of an exchange with its customer service executive.

The grievance the customer had posted was regarding a missing food item order. The conversation took a turn when the customer service executive mentioned that Hindi is India's national language and that everyone must know Hindi.

India has no national language and the most commonly used official languages in communication are Hindi and English. Shortly after the customer, Vikash, posted his grievance on Twitter, Zomato responded to his query with an apology statement both in English and in Tamil.

Shortly after Zomato had posted the apology letter, the co-founder Deepinder Goyal also took to Twitter to tweet a thread of his opinions about the ordeal. Read the tweets below.

Goyal had tweeted this as Zomato was being criticised for firing the agency after this incident.

(This is a developing story.)