Aishwarya Ramesh
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Zomato takes viewers 'around the world' in latest YouTube video

A Tamilian woman and her son are seen sampling dishes from all over the world, with a little help from the various restaurants on Zomato.

Leading food delivery app Zomato's latest content piece comes from down South. We see a YouTuber, named Sachin, and his mother take a 'world tour' by ordering dishes from different parts, while staying indoors.

At the beginning of the video on YouTube, the mother announces that she's going to shut the kitchen for the day as she's fed up of cooking during (COVID-induced) lockdown. To get started on the 'world tour', Sachin orders sushi, tacos, waffles, shawarma, among other dishes.

The interesting part of the video is that the dishes itself, while being presented, are described as well as rated. We see text which describes which restaurant the food has been ordered from, and the video, which is in Tamil, describes in simple language what the taste of the dish is like.

The last video we saw along these lines was when Zomato had its delivery personnel taste its food - different dishes from around the world. The duo in the video is seen eating sushi, hummus, risotto, etc., and reacting to the flavours for the first time as they compare it to the Indian food they eat at home.

This isn't Zomato's first time collaborating with YouTubers and content creators. In the past, it has teamed up with ScoopWhoop's Akshay Nayyar and Kanishk Bagchi. In that video, the duo play a game of 'match the following', with a pizza-induced twist. This video is a clear attempt to highlight the different pizza brands and how they taste.

The same duo also stars in a YouTube video, where they sample fine-dining food for the first time, naming restaurants where these dishes are available, so, the viewers can try for themselves.

Recently, Zomato also got Sahiba Bali, a brand manager who works for the company, to star in a video, where she tastes different burgers from various eateries in Delhi.

Bali also features in a mukbang-style video, where she is seen silently consuming every dish from the McDonald's x BTS collab menu. Mukbang-style videos are hugely popular in Korea, where the boy band BTS happens to have a large fan base.