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Zomato to launch a dating app called FoodieBae?

Zomato poached Tinder's territory in an April Fool's Day prank that promised to offer a new dating feature.

Love may not be in the air anymore, but pranks certainly are. Zomato had single users everywhere excited for a moment when a social media post announced that the leading food ordering app was adding a dating vertical to its business.

The app promised to help people find the 'chole' to their 'bhature', and match users to potential romantic partners based on parameters like location, taste in food and the amount that they tipped to delivery personnel.

The prank seemed plausible for a second since many users on social media had tweeted that Zomato could double up as a dating app. The app has access to users addresses, their ordering history and also recommends restaurants they might like depending on their taste.

The social post looked suspiciously similar to dating app Tinder, which matches users living in the same geographical radius. Tinder allows users to upload photographs, write a bio describing their interests and add a Spotify anthem too.

While it seems unlikely that Zomato is going to officially offer dating services anytime soon, single foodies everywhere continue to wait patiently for that day to arrive.