Aishwarya Ramesh
Social Media

Zomato uploads 2021 rewind video a la YouTube's Rewind

Titled 'Jab We Ate', the video is a recap of Zomato's most popular videos from its YouTube channel in 2021.

A little late to the party, but Zomato is the last among us to release a 2021 recap video. Starring Zomato's brand manager Sahiba Bali, the video attempts to be a quick recap of some of the most popular videos that year.

Some of the clips from these videos include celebrities that Bali has starred in videos with - like the Great Khali, and Indian actors like R Madhavan, Ram Charan and Jr NTR.

There are also clips from Zomato's YouTube series Humans of Zomato - which stars delivery personnel telling their stories.

There was also a reference to video content that the delivery partners have starred in, apart from the Humans of Zomato series. These videos are more lighthearted in nature and feature the riders out of their comfort zone, trying new foods and more.

The video also pays homage to the influencer marketing content that the team has created. The videos feature collaborations with influencers, interviews with celebrities (helmed by Curly Tales' editor-in-chief Kamya Jani) and also feature videos where Bali sits down and has conversations with influencers over different types of food.

Zomato's app or its YouTube channel may not come with a parental advisory, but it definitely does feature its fair share of employees' and influencers' parents on the channel. It makes for an entertaining watch as the elders are pushed out of their comfort zones to try food for the first time and engage in conversations too.

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