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Zomato's delivery boys star in latest YouTube content piece

The duo attempted dishes like Risotto, Sushi, and hummus and pita for the first time.

Reaction videos have become fairly commonplace on YouTube. A spin-off on this genre is Zomato's latest video starring two of their delivery personnel. The duo is seen eating foods like sushi, hummus, risotto, and more. The duo is seen reacting to the flavours for the first time as they compare it to the food they eat at home - Indian food.

In the past, Zomato has also done similar content pieces starring ScoopWhoop's content creators Akshay Nayar and Kanishk Priyadarshi. The duo play a game of 'match the following', with a pizza-induced twist.

The range of Zomato's content is varied - some of the food-themed content for social media. Under the banner of Zomato Originals, the team creates a host of content featuring influencers, who cover a variety of topics.