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Zomato's 'happy rider' Sonu steals hearts on social, his smile figures on Lay's packs

A TikTok video featuring a Zomato delivery person Sonu went viral. Sonu is seen smiling contentedly as he talks about his daily earnings from the job.

Anyone else speaking the words would have chosen a tone of complaint - but Zomato delivery rider Sonu went viral because during a video where he told viewers about his earnings in a day, a smile never left his face.

The person who is shooting the video appears to expect a change in expression from the delivery boy. Behind the camera, a voice asks him about his daily earnings and Sonu replies that he makes roughly Rs 350 a day, including commission and incentives. The delivery person hails from Delhi and that's where the video was shot too - by vlogger Delhi DC Rider.

The video was viewed over 4.7 million times on TikTok, before it also went viral on other platforms - most notably on Twitter, Many users took to the microblogging platform to express their amazement at Sonu's contentment with the money that he earns and were quick to point out that others who earn much higher amounts are not capable of feeling as content as Sonu does.

Soon, Zomato took notice of the fact that this ten second video has been seen by quite a few people and they decided to turn the conversation around. They replaced their display image on twitter with Sonu's smiling face and called themselves a 'fan account.'

Zomato themselves weren't the only brand trying to get in on the conversation. Pepsico India's Lay's chips saw the opportunity to tie this viral video back to the Smile Deke Dekho campaign they did a month or so ago.

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