Karan Kumar

"Rudy, you rockstar..." writes close friend in a moving tribute

Close friend and marketer Karan Kumar pens down a heartfelt memoir for Rudratej Singh who passed away yesterday.

BMW India’s President and CEO, Rudratej ‘Rudy’ Singh passed away yesterday, suffering a cardiac arrest. The 46 year old marketer had over 25 years of work experience, in the automotive sector as well as in the FMCG industry.

Rudy joined BMW India in 2019. Before taking up reins at BMW India, he had a stint at Royal Enfield where he worked as the company's global president for over four years. Rudy worked with Unilever - both in India and in international markets for over 16 years, before joining Royal Enfield. He also had a short stint at Dabur India in the late 90s.

Rudy’s close friend and neighbor Karan Kumar, and marketing head at real estate brand DLF, writes a moving tribute....

I dont know how to begin describing Rudy. He made it difficult for anyone to do that because perhaps he didnt like himself to be described in generalities and cliches. You either knew him or you didnt.

For the ones he chose to reveal himself, Rudy was a thoroughbred gentlemen, a true connoisseur and a reservoir of experience and advice. While you spoke, he listened. And after that, he cut to the chase so easily, that it made you wonder how you could not have seen the obvious while it lay there all along staring at you in your face.

Amongst the finest marketers and business leaders I have ever known, Rudy was sharp, incisive and benevolent. His wit and sense of repartee were incredible. His energy and enthusiasm, infectious. Rudy loved cooking and eating. He loved the jungle and all its wildlife. He loved his camera though a little less than his golf kit. He had the positivism of a child and the audaciousness of a shrew.

Some may view these as contradictions. I dont. I just think he was so much more than what ordinarily makes only obvious sense. And therefore no surprises in how difficult it is attempting to describe Rudy.

As for me, I was lucky to have him as a neighbour, a friend, a mentor, a sounding board and above it all, an incredible source of inspiration. And what makes me happy is that I told him all of this while he was still around to hear it.

Over a drink, a meal, at a music fest and even after we returned from a late night spin.

Rudy, you rockstar. You will be remembered and how by everyone you allowed getting to know you. For the others, you will continue to be the enigmatic mystery you always wanted yourself to be. Revel in eternal happiness and peace.

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